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Protect Script.

THINK PIG has signed a collaboration agreement with

PATAMU for the copyright protection.

Registering on THINK PIG | Community website with one of our Plan entitle to a discount for all Members has registered their scripts through services.

Patamu generates a proof of authorship by means of a timestamp legally recognised and guaranteed by the European Union and the Berne Convention.

The author keeps all the rights on the deposited works and has no further obligations towards Patamu. You can deposit up to 25 works for free. With a paid plan, you can download and keep your proof of authorship.


Contact to request your discount code or ask any questions.

Patamu members will also receive a discount

on all THINK PIG paid services (plans and evaluations).

THINK PIG FACTORY does not assume the responsibility of protecting intellectual works that are uploaded to the platform without first being registered through the services offered by professionals for the protection of copyright.


Before uploading any script make sure you have first deposited the intellectual work.

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