For Authors

There are two tiers of Author memberships: "PIONEER PIG" and "SILVER PIG", and one limited access just for a "GOLDEN PIG" Member attributed by invitation to the Authors with a script already produced.

PIONEER PIG is the free subscription reserved for Authors who have one or more scripts to pitch but they didn't developed the screenplay yet and they need to get feedback from the Community Members.

This membership plan allows all Authors to share their projects without time and scripts limits.

SILVER PIG is the subscription reserved for Authors who have a Subject/Pilot or a complete Screenplay (80% at least) and want to purchase the SCRIPT EVALUATION from our professional Script Readers.

All authors can register for free to the Community as a PIONEER PIG and decide to request a Script Evaluation service later. Each Author's goal is to become a GOLDEN PIG Member to participate to the 



We encourage (but do not require) the Authors to purchase at least one Script evaluation from our Script Readers, as this is the best way to find the right producer for their project.

Regardless to the Badge assigned when signed up each member will be always active by sharing 1 Pitch on BOARD per month at least. This just because we want to encourage the Authors to share their ideas with the Members of Community and give them the opportunity to keep in touch with each other.

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For Industry




Think Pig industry memberships are currently limited to working industry professionals as a Producer, including but not limited to Agency, Agents, Managers, and Financiers.

It is important that we limit Industry Membership to those whose can materially advance a Author's career or individual project. 


Industry memberships are approved by our team personally. In most cases you will receive a notification about your application within a few weeks, if not sooner.

In any case feel free to submit your request at: