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For Authors


Authors and Screenwriters, with a registration plan, may joins and share their Scripts on the SCRIPT BOARD 

and make them visible to the other Members of the Community, including the Industry Professionals such as Producers, Distributors, Agents, Agencies, Managers and Financiers.

THINK PIG also provides a Plan to join the private or public WRITERS' ROOMS to let the Screenwriters work on their own projects, adding other Members (Writers or Industry Professionals) on their rooms that help them to advance their Scripts to the next level.

Additionally, the website provides a SCRIPTS ACCELERATOR service plan, without necessarily joining the Community, which are meant to provide abbreviated constructive and meritocracy feedback to the Author with an 80% complete Script at least and to help the best screenplays find their way to Industry Members who can help get them made.

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Our membership policy requires all members to demonstrate their level of experience in order to

obtain a Badge

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For Industry



Think Pig industry memberships are limited to working industry professionals as Producer and Distributor, including but not limited to Agency, Agents, Managers, and Financiers.

It is important that we limit Industry Membership to those whose can materially advance a Author's career or individual project.


Industry Members have the access to the private area where they can read, choose and option the best screenplays evaluated by our expert Script Readers and Script Analysts.


Industry Members can choose all the Scripts in line with their editorial production.


Our industry membership policy requires all users to indicate their professional category when registering to get a Badge.

If your mission is to advance the career of an Author/Screenwriter,

please feel free to apply.

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