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THINK PIG ☕️ "Coffee" Policy.


How is it?

Our Membership Policy is based on the Meritocracy and the Opportunity. This requires to pay a symbolic monthly fee to be active. Depending on the different areas you decide to be active, it’s like to offer a "coffee" (for the SCRIPT BOARD area) or a "cappuccino" (for the WRITERS' ROOM area) that you can cancel at any time if you unlike the "quality" or the "service".

Just in case you have a Full Script to pitch on the Producers' desks, you can request an SCRIPT ACCELERATOR plan; it’s like a "full dinner" in a first class. And we’ll do it for you!


Yeah, we like to joke in serious work!

So, please note all the prices are designed to support the professional work of the people on the Community back-end and that's all about professional services you need if you want to take your Script to the next level.


If you don't like our "Coffee" Policy, you can always keep your Script in the drawer to collect dust ;-)

"Coffee" Policy Changes

If we decide to change our "Coffee" Policy in whole or in part, we will inform you by posting a notice on our Internet site.

Effective Date of "Coffee" Policy

The "Coffee" Policy is effective as of Nov 25, 2020.

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